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Archive | April, 2017

Companies known to manufacture SDI12 sensors

Who makes SDI12 sensors and peripherals? While not an exhaustive list, the companies below are known to manufacture SDI12 compatible sensors Campbell Scientific.  Widely supports SDI across sensors and datalogger platform Xylem Analytics.  YSI, Sontek, WaterLog, etc. Valeport.  Coastal sensors, including 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor In-Situ.  Water quality sensors.  MACE branded CW doppler flow meter for […]

Web Data Simplified

Web Data Platform For environmental data to be actionable it needs to be available in real-time, easily understood quickly, and with alarms generated when something is wrong.  The days of having to operate and maintain complicated communications networks, servers and software applications are over. Secure, Scalable & Reliable, measci.eagle.io provides everything required to understand complex data […]