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SDI-12 compared to Modbus and NMEA 0183

Which protocol is the best? People may wonder, why use SDI12 when there are other protocols with far wider adaption than SDI12?  Two commonly encountered ones are  Modbus (in its many varieties such as Modbus-ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP) and NMEA-0183  There are others like Profibus, HART and Fieldbus (widely used in process control applications), CANBus (automotive), DNP3 (for […]

YouTube SDI12 video resources

SDI12 instructional videos on YouTube YouTube is a great resource for people who like to see things in action rather than reading the product manual.  Here are a few references that we’ve found useful for demonstrating SDI-12 features or functionality. SDI12 Watch or Sniffer mode Some dataloggers (such as Campbell Scientific’s CR200X, CR300, CR800, CR1000, CR6, OTT dataloggers and […]