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SDI-12 stands for serial data interface at 1200 baud, and it a commonly used protocol for connection environmental sensors and measurement systems or dataloggers.  SDI12.com is an information resource and online store focused on everything related to the SDI12 measurement standard.  The SDI12 (or SDI-12) standard has been developed and maintained by the SDI12 support group which is accessible here: www.sdi-12.org.  The support group focused on the development of the standard. Companies manufacturing SDI12 sensors may become members.

The SDI12 standard is a powerful protocol for connecting sensors offering a lot of advantages over analog measurements or other standardardized or proprietary serial protocols.  We have a blog post on this topic.  For those interested in finding instruments that support the standard, it can be a difficult and daunting process to find the relevant manufacturers and have confidence in the product.  Measurement Science LLC has decided to simplify this process, by developing www.SDI12.com (and www.SDI12sensors.com), with the goals of:

  • Providing detailed technical reference and support material for people wanting to learn more about the protocol, to add to the efforts of the SDI-12 Support Group
  • Gather up-to-date news on developments related to the SDI-12 standard
  • Providing a store of in-house and 3rd party products that use the SDI-12 standard, with a goal of identifying the best in class of each instrument

If you have news relating to the standard, we welcome your contribution

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