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SDI-12 compared to Modbus and NMEA 0183

Which protocol is the best? People may wonder, why use SDI12 when there are other protocols with far wider adaption than SDI12?  Two commonly encountered ones are  Modbus (in its many varieties such as Modbus-ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP) and NMEA-0183  There are others like Profibus, HART and Fieldbus (widely used in process control applications), CANBus (automotive), DNP3 (for […]

YouTube SDI12 video resources

SDI12 instructional videos on YouTube YouTube is a great resource for people who like to see things in action rather than reading the product manual.  Here are a few references that we’ve found useful for demonstrating SDI-12 features or functionality. SDI12 Watch or Sniffer mode Some dataloggers (such as Campbell Scientific’s CR200X, CR300, CR800, CR1000, CR6, OTT dataloggers and […]

Companies known to manufacture SDI12 sensors

Who makes SDI12 sensors and peripherals? While not an exhaustive list, the companies below are known to manufacture SDI12 compatible sensors Campbell Scientific.  Widely supports SDI across sensors and datalogger platform Xylem Analytics.  YSI, Sontek, WaterLog, etc. Valeport.  Coastal sensors, including 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor In-Situ.  Water quality sensors.  MACE branded CW doppler flow meter for […]

Web Data Simplified

Web Data Platform For environmental data to be actionable it needs to be available in real-time, easily understood quickly, and with alarms generated when something is wrong.  The days of having to operate and maintain complicated communications networks, servers and software applications are over. Secure, Scalable & Reliable, measci.eagle.io provides everything required to understand complex data […]

SDI12 search popularity over time

Popularity of SDI12 compared to NMEA or Modbus The popularity of SDI12 relative to other serial protocols was investigated to see how it compared to the widely used industrial protocols and changed over time Interestingly, search popularity for all the major protocols has decreased over time, perhaps indicating an increased dominance of non-industrial search terms over time. […]

Version 1.4 of the SDI12 standard

SDI12 Version 1.4 Standard Released Available from the SDI-12.org home page, version 1.4 of the standard has been released. http://www.sdi-12.org/current%20specification/SDI-12_version-1_4-August-10-2016.pdf Four new commands have been added: Identify Measurement Commands Identify Measurement Parameter Commands Start High Volume ASCII Measurement Start High Volume Binary Measurement Stay tuned for manufacturers updating their SDI12 sensors