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SDI12 interface devices

How do I interface SDI12 to something else?

If you are basing your monitoring system on the SDI12 protocol, you will find that not everything that you want to use supports SDI12 (or any one protocol for that matter).  From time to time you may need to change protocol.  This page provides a link to various protocol converters, to and from SDI12.

If you aren’t sure what some of these protocols are, or why you may choose one over the other, consult this:

SDI-12 compared to Modbus and NMEA 0183

The selection of the best protocol may be very confusing

Confused by the various protocols? It can feel like a big mess of wires

Peripherals that convert TO SDI-12

For input to a SDI12 based measurement system

  • Voltage/Current/Pulse to SDI12.
  • RS232 to SDI12.  Waterlog H-4191.  Bidrectional RS232-SDI12 bridge.  Used for sensors talking to a computer, or a controller talking to SDI12 sensors.
  • NMEA to SDI12.  Pacific Data Systems.  NMEA-0183 input, SDI12 output.  V1.3 compliant
  • HART to SDI12.  HyQuest HS-HartBeat.  HART input, SDI12 (or modbus) output
  • One-Wire to SDI12.  Vegetronix SDI-12 Engine.  Also works with One-Wire protocol.  1-wire is a bus data system by Dallas Semiconductor.

Peripherals that convert FROM SDI-12

For using SDI12 sensors in a measurement system that does not support SDI12

  • SDI12 to Voltage/Current.
    • Global Water 4015.  Provides 0-1mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, or 0-5V output, 12-bit resolution, stated 0.1% accuracy.  V1.1 compliant
    • Waterlog H-4161.  Single 4-20mA output at 16-bit resolution, stated 0.01% non-linearity.  LCD display
  • SDI12 to Modbus.
  • SDI12 to USB.
    • Liudr USB Adapter.  Open-source platform.  For reading DI12 sensors on a computer, with a terminal program
    • Vegetronix USB translator.  For reading SDI12 sensors on a computer, with a terminal program.
    • Microstep SID.  Virtual USB/RS232. Two connectors for SDI12 sensors.  Bus monitor and bus voltage analyzer.  Diagnostic tool
  • SDI12 to RS232.  Vegetronix RS232 translator.  For reading SDI12 sensors on a computer via a RS232 port, with a terminal program.
  • SDI12 to RS485Waterlog H-423.  Useful to extend the range of a SDI12 sensor with the long range RS485 protocol.  To have very long cable runs, requires an interface to convert back to SDI12 at the other end.  Extends up to 4000ft (>1km).  Watch out for lightning with long cable runs
  • SDI12 to fiberoptic.  Waterlog H-4501.  Extend to extremely long distances with fiber optic.  Unlike RS485, fiber is immune to lightning risks.

SDI12 based peripherals

  • SDI12 verifier.  NR Systems. Know if your sensor is fully compliant.   Verifies to the version of the standard, timing of transactions, sensor wake up, computation of CRC values, etc.  Also provides a SDI12 to USB interface and can act as a SDI12 sensor to test data recorders.
  • SDI12 hand held display.  Decagon ProCheck.  Handheld SDI12 display used for testing sensors, and seeing instrument readings in real time.
  • SDI12 panel meter display.  London Electronics. Currently a concept product.  SDI12 sensor in, for displaying the readings on a 6 digit panel display.
  • SDI12 radio link.  Adcon.  SDI12 point to point, licence free.

Products will come and go.  If something no longer works, please let us know.  If you want advice selecting the right protocol or converter, we are here to help.


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