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SDI12 search popularity over time

Popularity of SDI12 compared to NMEA or Modbus

The popularity of SDI12 relative to other serial protocols was investigated to see how it compared to the widely used industrial protocols and changed over time

SDI12, NMEA, Modbus, DNP3 and Campbell Scientific search terms over time

SDI12, Modbus, NMEA, DNP3 and Campbell Scientific search terms over time

Interestingly, search popularity for all the major protocols has decreased over time, perhaps indicating an increased dominance of non-industrial search terms over time.  It is clear that SDI12 is a niche protocol only ever found in the environmental field and rarely used compared to the industrial protocols Modbus, NMEA and DNP3.  The blue trend below shows SDI12 by itself.  SDI-12 is of almost equal popularity indicating that SDI12 and SDI-12 are used interchangeably.

SDI12 search relevance over time

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