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YouTube SDI12 video resources

SDI12 instructional videos on YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for people who like to see things in action rather than reading the product manual.  Here are a few references that we’ve found useful for demonstrating SDI-12 features or functionality.

SDI12 Watch or Sniffer mode

Some dataloggers (such as Campbell Scientific’s CR200X, CR300, CR800, CR1000, CR6, OTT dataloggers and NR Systems SDI12 verifier) support SDI12 watch or sniffer mode.  This is a terminal mode that allows you to see the raw SDI12 commands between the datalogger and the instrument

SDI12 Transparent Mode

Similar to sniffer mode but instead of watching the traffic between the datalogger and the sensor, you can enter commands manually to talk directly to the sensor.  This is a useful technique for verifying communications, particularly for changing the address.  Entering ?! asks for the address of any sensor connected.  Once known, the address may be changed with the aAb! command (where a is the current address and b is the new address).  These commands are normally only used for fault finding or configuration so transparent mode is easier than writing a custom program.

Best Practices for SDI12 Networks

A lengthy explanation of making sure that you get the most from a SDI12 network by Decagon

SDI12 Debugging


There are many other product specific instructional videos but if you know of any general SDI12 videos, please mention in the comments

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